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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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A God moment at the Altar

This past Sunday we were blessed by Highland Baptist Church. Heart of Texas FCA had one of 12 Christmas trees in the Life Center with 50 ornaments. Each ornament had things we needed for the year to minister more effectively. Each service, we were asked to come kneel before the church and those that wanted could come pray over us. Dozens came. In the 3rd service, something amazing happening. A young lady, after praying through tears, leaned in and told me how God had used FCA to save her life. I had to see who this was. I turned and didn’t recognize her. I asked her what school she attended. She responded, “Waco High School.” I asked her if she remembered her coach that invited her. She smiled and replied, “Casey Summey.” In the second service, Casey had come up to pray over me and FCA. I went outside immediately and called Casey. She was incredibly uplifted. She remembered the young lady. Praise the Lord for coaches like Casey. There are others. There is no other ministry like it. If you are already a part thank you! If you are not, I ask you to consider, what other ministry is serving the most influential people in our country today like FCA does?

Ben Johnson                                                                                                                      FCA Director 

Heart of Texas FCA 

The Heart of Texas FCA Ministry covers a 12 county area (see map).  The Staff serves over 200 campuses (Middle Schools, High Schools, and Colleges) and works alongside their local Leadership Boards. Visit the above corresponding tabs to learn more about what FCA is doing in your area!

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