Heart of Texas FCA 

The Heart of Texas FCA Ministry covers a 12 county area (see map).  The Staff serves over 200 campuses (Middle Schools, High Schools, and Colleges) and works alongside their local Leadership Boards. Visit the above corresponding tabs to learn more about what FCA is doing in your area!

 Heart of Texas Staff

    Ben Johnson - Heart of Texas FCA Director
    Nita Blanscet - Administrative Assistant
    heartoftexas@fca.org; (254) 717-5451
    Holly Page - Female Coach Ministry

Heart of Texas - North Staff

    Carrie Rogers - Area Representative
    crogers@fca.org; (254) 580-5076

Heart of Texas - South Staff

    Seth Chambliss - Area Director
    SChambliss@fca.org; (254) 760-6098

Heart of Texas - West Staff

    Alton McCallum - Area Director
    amccallum@fca.org; (254) 613-4264

Heart of Texas - East Staff

     Charlie Vineyard - Area Director
     cvineyard@fca.org; 903-851-2271

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